What are the most common Anxiety treatments in Dubai?

Anxiety disorder is the mental health condition that is characterized by significant feelings of worry and fear regarding future events. Anxiety is a fairly common condition that can result as a consequence of anything from daily work, social interaction, school, trauma, failure, etc. Anxiety is also sometimes linked to radical dietary changes and components in your diet that instigate physical changes to cause anxiety. The common symptoms of an anxiety disorder include being irritable, being easily fatigued, feeling restless, wound up, or on edge. People will often mistake panic and anxiety disorder although they are two completely different states. Panic disorder is characterized by sudden feelings of fear that will reach their peak in a matter of minutes. The trigger for panic disorders can be anything that makes the sufferer feels unsafe or intimidated. The symptoms of panic disorders include sweaty, trembling or shaking, increased heart rate, pounding heartbeat, and heart palpitations. There are many different forms of anxiety treatment in Dubai:


This type of treatment is centered on mostly the social factors of dealing with anxiety and it is normally referred to as talk therapy. The psychotherapy that is offered to patients is often tailored to their needs so that the medical professional can target the specific causes and triggers of the anxiety and help these individuals better react to these triggers, whether It is a person, thing, or a situation. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is popular psychotherapy for anxiety disorder and it helps people in developing different thinking, reacting, and behaving differently to these situations. This will help the sufferer to develop a different method of dealing with anxiety that works. This type of treatment requires a much better understanding of what the person is like and what is triggers that cause them to behave how they do.


If Psychotherapy does not work out for this particular patient then your psychiatrist or a primary care provider will prescribe medication for you. Although anti-anxiety medication does not help in completely curing anxiety however it does help in easing up the symptoms a little bit. This significantly helps in dealing with anxiety. A psychologist is not generally allowed to prescribe medication but with specialized training, etc. he or she might be permitted to prescribe medication. The medication used for anxiety is mainly anti-anxiety medication, anti-depressant, and also sometimes beta-blockers. Dubai Psychiatrists will generally avoid prescribing medication under a normal scenario.

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