Communication Problems in Children

In early childhood, kids cross some major development milestones, such as learning how to pronounce sounds, form sentences, follow simple instructions and directions and eat harder food. There are set age limits by which most kids are able to do these things, however, some lag behind. Kids who have trouble doing these simple tasks that other children of their age do better than them, might have a speech disorder. Parents should be observant of their toddlers and be keen to notice any delays in their development process. Parents should show their toddler to the doctor right away if they observe development issues that are not normal for kids of the same age. Speech disorders can be cured faster when kids are still young and have not yet learnt old patterns.

What are speech disorders?

Speech disorders can be of different types. People who have them will have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, repeat letters for example: sssss-snake, pause between sentences, be unable to group words to form sentences, or not understand what’s being said to them. Other symptoms of speech disorders are difficulty in chewing and vomiting.

Speech therapists diagnose your child and make a plan that best suits your child’s needs. Speech disorders can be caused because the muscles of the mouth are weak or the kid has been through a traumatic brain injury. The therapist will give various exercises such as blowing balloons and bubbles, practice articulation with them and teaching them how to move their tongues to make different sounds. Therapy is all about practice.

The children need to practice their speech muscles to make them stronger. For children who lack communication skills as result of a neurological problem, speech-language pathologists interact with them through talking and playing, reading them books and asking them what is happening in the picture. There are also exercise their memory and problem solving skills and develop a wider range of vocabulary through flash cards and worksheets. Check out speech therapy for kids Abu Dhabi to diagnose and start your loved one’s treatment. Overcoming communication problems will help your child to achieve their full potential.

Speech disorders in adults

Speech problems can also occur in adults as a result of stroke, traumatic injury, or disease. There’s also another very common problem among adults and that is pain in bones. There are a variety of physiotherapy hospitals in Abu Dhabi that will reduce your pain through physical exercise. Alot of people tend to ignore these problems even though they are a hindrance in their everyday life and cause them much pain.

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