Which types of teachers does the younger generation like?

A teacher should have a friendly relation with his student so due to this a teacher can know about the personality of his student. Young generation does not like the strict and rigid personality of teachers. A friendly environment is ideal for study. Some teachers are very close friends of their students and on the other hand students don’t like some teachers due to their strict and rude behavior .Students don’t like to attend the class of a strict teacher and they love to see their favorite teacher. Home schooled students can also find a good physics, biology, Math, and English tutor online. There are many websites from which they can get information about online classes.

A good teacher always made a constructive criticism:

 Being truthful is the biggest quality of a teacher he always say truth to his students about their flaws and weak points and he also work with them on their weak points in order to overcome them. A good teacher always made a constructive criticism rather than being rude or doing destructive criticism. A teacher is name of giving he should not be demanding a good teacher build a generation for a nation. If you want to know the future of a nation, see the qualities of their teachers.

Every student is important for a teacher: 

This is also a talent to teach every student according to his mind because every person has his own point of view about different concepts so in this matter a brilliant teacher can play a vital role. Every student is important for a good teacher despite the fact which student is brilliant and which is not. Usually math and physics is difficult for majority of students and a good teacher explains different concepts and formulas in easy way. For math tutor Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Kuwait and other Gulf countries have many vacancies.  

How a teacher is a source of inspiration and motivation for his student?

It is also a role of the teacher to provide comfort and love to his students because all students are his children. A perfect mentor provides the good environment to the students so in that way they can do something productive. A student sees his role model in his teacher that’s why a good teacher is a source of inspiration and motivation for a student. A teacher always builds self confidence in the student and he always makes him feel confident by encouraging him.

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