The nature of beauty and safety

Man is naturally inclined towards the beauty. It is in his nature to have aesthetically beautiful things around his-self. Their struggle does not end here, as they are also looking for ways for better security and protection. No matter how elegant a thing in looking, if it is not reliable and safe to use, it is a wastage of money. There has been a shift from conventional manufacturing to the new methods, a lot of research is going in this regard. Scientists are looking for alternate materials that have extra-ordinary strength when compared with traditional ones. This is the ever-evolving process, there is a lot of composites material which are being used in many industries having the combined properties of more than one component.

Ballistic glass in automotive industry

In the recent few years, a couple of breakthroughs has been made, which has completely revolutionized the living of human beings. One such achievement is in the automobile sector, and that is the use of ballistic glass windshield. It has a lot of benefits over conventional glass screens, as it is more resilient than that of. One of the salient features of it is high impact resistance, bullet resistance, and scratch-proof. They are special in configuration, unlike the old ones, they have are multi-layer having a special coating or film of special among them. These extra additions of the material make this suitable for the impact and resistance from scratches.

This technology is mostly used in armored vehicles, as they are more prone to serious situations like in the case of direct combat operation. They are resilient enough to absorb the energy of bullet traveling at ultra-high speed. The whole impact is taken up by the material which hence protects the person sitting behind them. There are a lot of manufacturers which are making these screens on special orders, as the cost of making them is very high. Normally these are demanded by the security professionals who are responsible for the safety of national assets. Special Forces of any country are equipped with these items to have a higher edge while encountering the enemy.

Normally the screens which are available right now are bulletproof, some of them may be strong enough to resist the impact of bombs explosion. Some manufacturers are trying to make them safe for nuclear encounter also. There is continuous efforts are underway to achieve this landmark success.

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