History of GMC

The GMC is the oldest company who is making the strongest and the most durable cars of all times. When we buy a car, we make sure that the car is durable and it will long last for many years because cars are becoming expensive with each passing day. Yes, the cars and trucks by GMC are very expensive but you can say that these vehicles are there to stay with you for a very long time. If you want to take an example, of it being a strong car, we can guarantee that if you are travelling by the road on one of the GMC trucks and you hit in a chain of cars, then out of many cars, your car will be okay and it will okay to go to at least the nearest garage or a workshop. If you want a real life example, then you must know that the very first truck of this company was said that it climbed a Pikes peak in 1909 so, you can well imagine that how much powerful it manufactures a vehicle. If you want to know the real life history of this company, then we suggest that you read below because here, you will be reading about its history in timeline, about GMC repair and its jeep service;

  1. There were very famous three Rs in the history when it comes to trucks and they were Rapid, Randolph and Reliance. People have seen the first two Rs but the last R is said to be of another company but the company still says that it was theirs.
  2. From 1915 to 1940, GMC manufactured 509 trucks and they all weighed at least 2 tons and the best part is that this company was the main truck supplier of America in World War 1 and they manufactured over 8500 trucks in that war.
  3. In 1920, the GMC used bigger tyres so that the cars could go faster, before this, they were using normal tyres and a normal set of tyres on a two ton truck made its speed slow and with big wheels, the speed increased to 7 gauges.
  4. In 1925, this company made enhancements in the brakes. Big car need bigger brakes and that is when the company decided also to add brakes in the rear wheels. Now every GMC has 4 wheel brakes.

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