Facts About Water

Water is something that we all cannot live without. There are some species that live much days without water but there is a scientific fact that if you don’t eat, you can go about seven days without food and if you did not drink water, then you cannot live for more than three days.

There are different facts about water from around the world and if you want to know the facts then you are going to get amazed and these facts are tipped to us by water tank manufacturers in UAE, keep reading to get amazed;

  1. We think that the world is filled with water and we cannot die thirsty but the fact is that only 67 percent is clean water and some waters in this percentage is also not drinkable and the rest of the waters are trapped in the glaciers.
  2. Which means that only 30 percent of the water that is drinkable is available on the grounds and that is why also scientists say to save water.
  3. Because making that water clean is going to take a lot of water and that we don’t have now.
  4. Speaking of wastage of water, the United States uses 400 gallons of water every day.
  5. And you will be shocked to know that half of these gallons are used by the electric and power company to produce more electricity.
  6. If you think that how much a single American uses water in one year, that makes 100,000 gallons in a year either for outdoor use or indoor use.
  7. We think that mercury and acids can dissolves things as we all have seen in the movies but they are wrong because water is the only substance that can dissolve almost everything in it.
  8. Food is important for us and the food is also dependent on water because the farming veggies take 6800 gallons of water to make a veggie meal of a day.
  9. Beer is drunken like water and if you read this point, you will say that beer is healthy because it takes 20 gallons of water to make one pint of beer.
  10. You should be thankful that you get running water because even in this latest tech era, there are 800 million people who don’t have supply to clean water.

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