Quick guide to a white kitchen

If you are also heavily inspired by the stark white pinterest kitchen designs UAE then trust us, you are not alone. There’s something about the striking white that it catches the eye immediately in contrary to the fact where one would think that it can get very plainly boring and monotonous. But if you plan on rocking this white kitchen then we believe you may want to know a few tips and tricks up your selves to make it work. Keep on reading to find them out:

  • Choosing the right countertop and cabinets

Countertop and cabinets are one of the most important parts of your kitchen and take up majority of the space. While it is true that their main purpose is their functionality, there is not secret in the fact that a little something also goes to their looks and interiors of the kitchen. When you are deciding on the theme, you need to think through this very thoughtfully and make sure that whatever theme you choose would be feasible for you.

  • Coordinating the color scheme

One you have chosen the style and look of the countertop you will be aiming for, the next task would be to choose the right color scheme. Now, be careful here because we are talking about color scheme rather than color theme. Color theme could be the brown and white but color scheme would be selecting the right shades of brown to pair with white. Some may even want to aim for an off-white or a dusty white. Thus, be mindful about this so that you are not confused and caught off guard on the installation day.

  • Some famous countertop choices

It can be pretty difficult to know which countertop to pair with the whites in the kitchen to balance out the hues which is why here we have listed the famous choices which can help you a lot.

  • If other interiors of your house are earthy tones then we believe a woodsy countertop would look great paired with wood flooring.
  • Go classic with black countertops on white interiors.
  • Consider different shades of grey for a luxury kitchen look.
  • Brown marbled pieces would also look best.

Whatever you plan on doing with your kitchen, make sure that you add luxury lighting Dubai to elevate the look and make the kitchen a humble welcoming abode.

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