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You have obviously found that in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the game menu is much fuller than its predecessors. Between Poke-Relax and Festival Square, a new feature has made a rather discreet entry into the game, the QR Scanner. If you do not know how to exploit it, do not panic, the Coca-Cola Gaming Stories tells you everything. Nothing really complicated, because with the QR Scanner, you will be able to fill your Motismad-dex much faster.

Indeed, there are hundreds of QR Codes (available here), and each code corresponds to a Pokemon. By flashing a QR code using your scanner, you automatically save the data of your Pokemon in the Motisma-dex. Rather practical, since you will now know in which regions to find it. Be careful though, you can only flash a Pokemon every two hours. Moreover, the location obviously does not work for the legendary Pokemon of Sun and Moon, both of which are captured on the same game cartridge.

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And for perfectionists, know also that the QR codes also allow to unlock Shiny forms of Pokemon, in order to register ALL possible forms. But the features of the QR Scanner do not end there, since every 10 Pokemon flashed, once a day, you will have access to the Island Scanner, which will tell you for a limited time, the precise location of a Pokemon rare. Well, when you say rare, everything is relative, since it is mainly software that says it. For the little anecdote, we have already stumbled upon a Etourvol, so for the swagg one will come back.

But it will always be a new captured Pokemon to add easily to your Pokedex, especially since once there, the Pokemon in question does not always appear the first time, and so you have the opportunity to farmer A little, to catch your Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon for example.

You want to acquire the two legendary Pokémon Sologaleo and Lunala on Pokémon Soleil and Pokémon Lune but you do not want to pay both versions? We have the magic solution to your worry and we will explain how to achieve this.

Aside from having to buy the two different versions of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, it’s hard to imagine having the two new legendary Pokémon in your team!

In fact, it excites a trick that will allow you to unite the two legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala on your one and only version of the game. After you have unveiled how to evolve your new Pokémon, let’s go straight to the heart of the matter.

To do this, follow the guide and you should be able to realize your dream and become the best Pokémon trainer ever! For starters, you will have to finish making a tour of the islands and then beat the Pokémon League. Once the game is complete and the first legendary Pokémon in your possession (Solgaleo and Lunala) depending on which version you have purchased, you will only have to go to the Moon Altar (for Moon Pokémon) or the Sun (for Pokémon Soleil), which is located on the island of Poni. Once there, an enormous breach will open, you will simply teleport inside it to arrive directly at the altar of the other version of the game. To put it simply, you will arrive in The world of the other version Pokémon that you will not have bought.

You will then have to follow the road 16 and then enter the large building in front of you. Once inside, go up to the Altar and then let yourself be guided. A cinematic will begin and you can discover Solgaleo and Lunala together. A few dialogues later, a Level 5 Cosmog Pokémon will appear in the middle of the room! You will then have to integrate it directly in your team, then to evolve it to level 43! At this moment the precise, your Cosmog will evolve randomly in Solgaleo or Lunala.

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