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  • Why are successful reality – shows

     Why are successful reality-shows: the illusion of reality and desire exploitation of fear or delight

    TV productions type reality show are meant to present new situations where ordinary characters their limits. In the past, TV shows and normality Gender success, now and disturbing issues “fictional reality” formats are exploiting ways to delight viewers desire or fear.

    Here is a list of the most bizarre reality shows in the world:

    1.Finding your soul mate was returned to the Dutch origins of the broadcast television show “Adam seeking Eve”. Production proposes a character in search of love stripped of all inhibitions in a setting reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Participants not wearing clothes, and in the middle of the show is introduced another candidate to enhance the drama. Viewers called the show “a unique experiment in love.”

    2.In the UAE, the poem was taken to a level of competition so high that the “Prince of Poets”, called “X-Factor poets” attract more spectators and television viewers than soccer competition. Amateur poets recited verses for several weeks in order to win a cash prize and, symbolically, a cape or a ring.

    3.A game “GTA” widespread “The Intercept” was one of the most popular reality shows in Russia. Competitors were given a car, the grand prize at the end, and 35 minutes to get rid of the obstacle course set up by police. The program benefited from spectacular crashes, and police were allowed competitors to beat them if we catch them.

    4.Contact with the worst drivers in a country and get them to follow a course leading to hone is not one of the worst ideas. Unfortunately, the series “Who’s the most terrible driver” in the Netherlands did not have a happy ending, when one contestant injured him drive the presenter.

    5.The TV channel “Lifetime” announced that this summer plans to make a reality show called “Born in the Wild” in showing women who want to give birth in the middle of nature without being assisted by doctors. The controversy arose after several specialists said that the show may set a dangerous trend, even if the station representatives have assured that there will be specialized personnel ready to intervene in case of emergency.

    6.Canceled after only four episodes, Fox production of “I Wanna Mary Harry” has become a quite expensive failure for American network television. Twelve women were flown in a stately home in Britain, where it competed to conquer Harry. The events took a strange turn when it was learned that Harry was actually the royal lookalike.

    7.With the performance to run for one episode reality show “Who’s your daddy?” Produced by Fox in 2005, the presence of competitors which have been adopted since childhood, and now were faced with the difficult task of? and guess biological father of a large group of foreign men. The first and only participant who discovered the father was a porn actress who took home the $ 100,000 prize.

    8.Another show which was canceled after only one epidod was “The Will”, also produced by Fox. The issue was the main character is a multimillionaire from Arizona named Bill Long, their friends and acquaintances subjected to a series of humiliating challenges to ensure their right to inherit “prized possession”, a farm in Kansas. The winner of the show, revealed later, was even Bill’s wife.

    9.Founded in Australia in 2001, the show “Chains of Love” contestants tied to its present three members of the opposite sex for four days. Breaks for carnal needs were allowed, but the rest of the time participants were handcuffed. Even if it failed to connect a loving relationship, “prisoners” could target the big prize at the end.